I have never felt so alive / alone.

>10 Years Later +Papá ¿quien es ese de la pose bien vergas? -*Smiles* Hijo... Soy yo. Ah yes. This is something I want to talk about. Thank you anon!

Let me start by saying that Zeke looks like the very epitome of the kind, caring and benevolent uncle who’s been misunderstood and only wants the best for young Eren Jaeger. 

With a few sentences, he planted a seed of doubt in Eren’s mind. He’s done the same with our beloved fandom. I’ve already seen rumbles of people starting to suspect he may be telling the truth.

I’ve outlined some of my reasons for thinking Zeke is a douchebag in handy dandy chart form, but let me restate them as bulleted items lest anyone forget:

   He killed Mike Zacharius without any emotion
   He titanized an entire village of men, women and children for the sole purpose of testing humanity
   He is War Chief of a village that sends 12 year old children to commit genocide.
   He casually threatened to kill Reiner for doubting him
   He rather gleefully killed the entire survey corps by aiming and throwing rocks at them

Now let’s look at Grisha Jaeger

   He admired the peace within the walls
   He saved the walled population from a disease
   He appeared to be a good and loving father
   He did not choose the Survey Corps for Eren. Eren chose it for himself
   He cried while injecting Eren
   He warned Eren that his memories would be damaged
   He urged Eren to learn the truth if he wanted to save everyone

Most importantly, I’d like to remind everyone that Grisha destroyed that chapel, grabbed the power, and was willing to let him son EAT HIM because whatever the Reiss family was doing was so horrible that he was willing to sacrifice his own life.

I don’t see Zeke willing to sacrifice anything except Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt.

One thing is for certain. There are no absolute clear cut heroes and villains in this tale. But I can say with confidence that at this point in the story, Grisha deserves the benefit of the doubt.